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Welcome to Chinquapin Ranch (say it with me… Chink-a-pin), named for the oaks that grow here. We are nestled near the little town of Mountain Home in the Texas Hill Country (who doesn’t love the Hill Country?) and offer an experience that is truly different for your wedding, reunion or retreat. We have no gazebos, chapels or other frilly stuff. What we DO have is the most amazing property and facilities most people have ever seen.

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The entire 600 acre ranch, with it’s beautiful huge pools of water, spectacular accommodations (lodge and 5 cottages that sleep 32), and natural beauty are all waiting for you. The breezes, water, scents and sounds of the ranch have dictated the prevailing philosophy… relax… laugh… sigh… eat… reflect… swim… never want to leave. You’ll see when you get here. There is no place like it. Your family will think so, too.

Gathering Areas

Our lodge is the central gathering place where all the fun happens. Have a cold one on the patio overlooking the waterfall. You’ll already be planning your next trip to Chinquapin by then.

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Done with great flair, wood floors, comfy furniture and eclectic art. Your own kitchen, charming bedrooms, bathrooms, and dreamy lofts.Honey’s House »
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Swimming, fishing, bird watching, hiking, and lots of other great outdoor fun! Your family and friends will make the most amazing memories here.
The days are just packed.

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Owner – Cecilia

So we want to tell you “About Us” – not “About Me” (that is us, individually..) because that feels boring (you really want to know about where I grew up, my education, kids and hobbies? Really? How about a non-narcotic sleep aid instead..) and weird (OK, we are weird, but let’s not get into the details..). The “Us” part is our relationship – Ceci and Cecilia (aka Squeal and Nenon). We met when Ceci was 8 and I was 15.

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I was dating Ceci’s brother and she was this very odd child, part cowgirl/hippie/intellectual that just got under your skin, like it or not. Anyway, I married the brother and we became sisters-in-law, which has turned out to be more like sisters. Thirty-five years later, we’re “still doin’ it” (as in the neighbor’s child who, when asked if her sister had quit jumping on the bed after falling off and breaking her arm, responded, “No, she’s crazy. She’s still doin’ it!”). We love each other’s children as much as our own, laugh, cry, cuss, pray, drink, swim – all the things we are together have joined and acquired a life of their own at Chinquapin. For the past 15 years, this is the place that we love above all else, because it is us. The land, air, water, trees, grasses, birds..it all speaks to the part of us that matches each other. The structures on the ranch just sort of became an expression of that – of our love and relationship to each other and this place. If you want to know more “About Us,” well you just have to go there. You’ll see…

Owner – Ceci

Uh. I can’t write when I am crying. I mean, I cry ALOT anyway, everybody knows that, but when you toss Chinqaupin into the mix, and Cecilia writing about us AND Chinquapin, well, I’m gonna be crying, Period. Paragraph. But crying in that good way. CECILIA: is the funniest person I know. The girl can clog for Lord’s sake, and is a hand-over-the -heart friend to me, Squeal. She is crazed for Charles Dickens (truly?!) and eating crabs. She DOES adore my children, and shows it.

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CHINQUAPIN: Cecilia pretty much nailed it, but just know that lots and lots of love has swelled up and swirled around this place. I honestly don’t think one drop of that love has ever leaked out. Maybe that is why Chinqaupin feels so good. For sure this place brings out the best in everyone and everything; all the true, sparkly, loving, funny, bits that hide out of sight most of the time. Here they come to the surface and bust out, in that good way like the tears. Oh. and I think that my personal tidbits ARE fascinating. I love: Slim Jims, Miller High Life and ice from Sonic with High Life in it. Cecilia, by the way drinks Pearl Light, which I am not sure they really even make anymore. So her. I burn myself bad with the glue gun every single time I use it AND I used to be really organized (very overrated, by the way). My favorite smell is Cherry Luden’s cough drops mixed with stale cigar smoke on the inside of a dirty old truck. The Knack was my first concert (My Sharona) and the best line of all in a song is “He bit the usherette’s leg in the dark.”  One of many worst bad habits: serious potty mouth. My best feature is my teeth. They are pretty and they never get pudgy. In another (less pudgy) life I would have been a: Jockey. My kids are perfect. I wish we could still road trip to Laredo and be bad but It’s just too dangerous now. Well that stuff is kind of boring and I guess I can write when I cry after all, but whatever. Come to Chinquapin.

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